Gone and Back and Here and

August 12, 2008 at 2:01 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

Reasons why returning from a week away is challenging

  • In my absence, they decided that I should move offices. This will be my 3rd office. They want it done next week. The new office is smaller. 
  • In my absence, they also found another research/stats thing for me to do. 
  • My cats are unwilling to let me out of their sight. 
  • I forgot that I agreed to host a dinner party in my home. In 2 weeks. I have not had guests in my home since moving here, really. I mean, family, yes, and the rare visiting from out of town, known me for a long time don’t expect anything less than piles of dusty books friends. I’m going to need to clean. 
  • The moving office to smaller office thing means taking home a bunch of books. I don’t have any place for them here. How tacky is it to store books in a big plastic tub?  These are books that I don’t use now because I don’t have a church, but I might use again some day if I ever had a church or a college chaplaincy. 
  • I have a new preaching gig–in 2 weeks. Which would be the day after the dinner party, and the day after the deadline to move offices. 
  • It’s raining, it’s pouring. 
  • I’m finding it hard to get back into the swing of things. I miss people that I met at the conference (how silly, I only just met them) and just really miss having that focus.  I feel like I just want to tell people all about it, but there’s nobody to tell. 
  • Doctor count: one down, 3 to go. The one today started digging with a knife into my skin.  I’m not impressed. And it’s a pain to walk (the foot is the offending body part).  They can’t possibly hurt me at the dentist tomorrow, can they?
  • The weather is so nice…..I love a breezy day.


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  1. There are few things worse than moving offices. Ugh.

  2. hmm… my main question is, how could it be 2:02 a.m. where you are when it is only 1:02 a.m. here and I am on the East Coast??? Maybe your computer is not on daylight savings time…(I guess either way we’re both both doing the insomniac thing–nice to know someone else is out there not sleeping.) I know what you mean about coming back–I miss the people I met on the hiking trip, even though I just met them. And I miss being away, and feeling free. Good luck with the dinner party–I bet it’ll be lots of fun and then you’ll have a clean apartment afterwards. (or before?) I should take a page out of your book and plan one, too. Then I’d have to clean. And, plastic tubs for books, why not?

  3. who cares if a plastic bin is tacky for books? it’s a matter of practicality right now. it’s pouring indeed! your schedule sounds quite busy. breathe deeply and do what you have to do for today. hang in there. i sincerely hope “they” plan to send you help for the office move; if not, ask them for it.

  4. You could make an end table out of the books. Stack ’em up and see what happens.

  5. My sister once showed me a House Beautiful magazine which featured stacks of books as some kind of clever decorating technique. Stacks of books under lamps, piled on end tables, that kind of a thing.

    I have always taken that as proof that having stacks of books lying around makes my house fashionable.

    It’s all how you market it ….

  6. I moved offices this morning. I will regret not having done any sorting, but 14 year-olds tend to keep one focused on the task at hand. And they are so strong. We did the whole thing in 3 hours.

  7. Tell us about the conference. I know I’m curious, particularly since it was so meaningful to you.

  8. Oh, hi!

    (The dentist always hurts. But surely you know that by now.)

    Also, hey, have you dropped by the “new” PCUSA blog?

  9. You know what? It has been a month now, and I still miss you. That conference was powerful stuff.

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