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August 13, 2008 at 4:08 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
  • I have a new boss at work. She’s into goals and program reviews and stuff like that.
  • I find this depressing.
  • My foot is killing me. I have this strange growth on the bottom of my foot that the dermatologist originally thought was a wart, but has now determined that it is not. So he scraped off all the callous that was protecting it, in order to get a cell sample of the actual growth. And it hurts. Still. I’ve been driving to work all week, even though the weather is perfect for walking.
  • Through facebook, I have connected with two young women that I knew as teenagers. It’s very weird to communicate with them now–to realize that when they knew me I was their age–and they remember me like that, and I remember them as not yet having a driver’s license. It’s been an interesting (and emotional) experience.  With both of them, I have a different perspective on shared experiences. In some cases, I can share that information. And in some cases, pastoral confidentiality means keeping silent. This is tough stuff.
  • I’ve been bringing a bag of books home each day. So far I have two HUGE tupperware tubs full of books–one is the box of “if I’m a pastor again” books—Christian ed materials, Bible study stuff–that sort of thing. The other is the box of “not ready to get rid of, but don’t really use” stuff. This would be a handful of books from each degree program (3) that were meaningful to me. I’ve already culled out most of those books, but there are these special ones. I think eventually, I’ll unpack these tubs and take them down to the basement (to repack–there’s no way I can carry them as is), but for now, they’re in the guest room.
  • I’m going to see my parents this weekend.
  • I must be a bad American. I have no interest in the olympics whatsoever.

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  1. I’m with you on the bad American. I was kinda forced to watch at my parents’ house, since it was on all.the.time. But now at home? Zilch.

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