The cute shoes I did not buy.

September 2, 2008 at 1:22 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 16 Comments

I saw some very cute shoes today.

They were only 15 dollars.

And they fit.

But I did not buy them.

Because they were mostly white. They were white and red spectator pumps.

My people do not believe in white (dress) shoes, pants or skirts after labor day. My people also do not believe in open toed (dress) shoes after labor day.  Since I don’t wear open-toed shoes, this is not a concern of mine. However, while perusing the various peep-toed options at the store today, I wondered about peep-toes? Are these midwestern-approved for post-labor day, or not?

By the way, one is allowed to wear off-white.

My sister claims off-white is not allowed, but she lives way out on the other coast, what does she know of such things?

Do your people have rules about Labor Day?  Did you have to put your white patent leather mary-janes away on the Tuesday after?  And did your people have rules about the first day of white wearing? My people believe in Easter, but up here in the fancy part of the country, the rule seems to be Memorial Day.

Also, I just read an article that claims that pantyhose (a word that I hate, BTW, I call them nylons) is the great generational divide. It sorts the young from the middle aged, apparently.

I did not know this. Did you?



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  1. I was always told that I could not wear white until Memorial Day, yet I was usually bought white Easter dresses. Oh, the hypocrisy.

    I do not wear pantyhose unless the situation is dire. Officiating at a funeral in a skirt, for instance. But even then I lean toward tights. Depends on the shoes.

  2. Having grown up in the desert southwest and now living in the humid midwest, pantyhose are a straight line to major heatstroke for me.

  3. But you do on occasion pull out the nylons?
    This article claimed that young women NEVER wear nylons, not even with interview suits. And this, apparently, has prevented some of them from getting jobs in fancy madison avenue places. the article wondered if young women knew and didn’t care, or didn’t know, and if so, whose job was it to tell them?

    I think most young women I know pull out the nylons when it’s a formal sitch. But maybe I’m wrong.

    I hate nylons. They are of the devil. But I wear them when the situation calls for it, which is probably more often than young women think, and less often than my mother thinks.

    Which makes me, sigh, middle aged.

  4. With you on the nylons, ppb. And tell your sister the shoes the proper name for off-white is “winter white,” which immediately tells you when it’s okay to wear. (That said, I haven’t worn either white or winter white shoes in at least a decade. Black is a year-round thing these days.)

  5. I do pull them out for 1) weddings, 2) funerals and 3) interviews…

  6. I suffer the hose for funerals and interviews but not weddings. I figure the robe is enough for weddings. And usually I’m marrying people who wouldn’t wear hose themselves if they could get away with it.

  7. Hose for funerals and church during the “winter” (November through February or so). I hate the way bare feet feel in non-open toe shoes. Sweaty and sticky, yuck.

    And my opinion on the Easter/Memorial Day thing is that Easter is sort of an exception. Generally speaking, no white till Memorial Day, except for Easter. Unless it’s really hot before then. Which it usually is here.

  8. They never wear nylons??

    Wow, I’m old.

    No white shoes after Labor Day. Ever. No white or straw purses, either. And you can start wearing them at Easter; waiting until Memorial Day is a Yankee custom. 😉

    Now why didn’t you buy those shoes?! They’ll still fit next Easter!

  9. I caught something in a recent issue of Glamour (well, we all need to rest our brains sometimes!) about how Michelle Obama had taken a stand against pantyhose. It was part of the Dos and Don’ts page, only they had made it Potential First Lady Dos and Don’ts. Truly inane. But the little tag line was that Michelle was going to veto pantyhose if she got to the White House. Let’s just pray she has the opportunity….

    My solution to the whole pantyhose thing tends to be long skirts with boots that you can wear knee socks with. But it’s true, with a suit it’s hard to avoid them. I’ve heard people tout the benefits of thigh-highs, but in my experience they don’t actually stay up.

  10. weddings don’t get nylons in my book. They’re very lucky if they get a skirt. Normally it’s shorts. My robe is long and nobody is looking at me.

    I can’t wait for cold weather so I can rock my boots again.

    I think first lady would be on my list of top ten worst jobs ever.

  11. I wear hose to interviews and if it’s cold outside. Do dark tights count as nylons? If so, I wear them more often. You can get away with a shorter skirt if you’re wearing dark tights with it.

    My people don’t wear white between Labor Day and Easter, either. I, however, have a pair of perfectly good white ballet flats with some sparkly thingees on them that demand to be worn year round.

  12. I always heard the “no white until Memorial Day” thing when I was growing up. But I think perhaps global warming has changed that rule.

    I can’t remember the last time I saw someone wearing nylons. I chaired a search committee this summer, and none of the women we interviewed wore nylons — just bare legs with their suits. I don’t even own a pair myself. I always hated them so I was happy to see them go out of fashion.

  13. The environmentalist speaks. Global warming killed the rules about stockings and white shoes.

  14. Definitely they’re called ‘nylons’. And peeptoes totally count for fall shoes here in the Midwest. And Easter is a special liturgical exception for the white, otherwise, I learned Memorial Day.

    I pretty much use the same rules for the nylons – not between Memorial Day & Labor Day! And only between Labor Day and Memorial Day if I’m cold.

  15. I think I must be Reform on the question of white before Mem Day or after Labor Day. I value the tradition, know it was important to my foremothers, but don’t feel as strictly bound by it as they were.

    And here in SoCal–not so much with the nylons.

  16. Yes. Nylons are of the devil.
    Yes. I sometimes wear the accursed things. I live in Sweden, ok? If I want to wear a skirt in Fall/Winter/Spring (and I wear skirts five days out of seven), nylons are a necessity. Or, at least they would be, if I did not have a cordial and loving relationship with stay-ups. For some reason (dry skin, I suppose) they actually stay up on me, and saves me from the horrible creeping feeling nylons almost always come with.

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