I’m a little off-kilter

September 22, 2008 at 4:33 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

I don’t know what’s up with me and blogging.  It’s been over a week since I last posted.  I guess I just can’t get my blogging mojo back.


I went to camp this past weekend, and was assigned a wonderful family–just dad and daughter. They flew out from PR for just the weekend. She’d never been to camp and was terribly thrilled with everything. Her spoken English was really good, but she didn’t always understand me. Dad always did and would translate for  her.  It required me to slow down everything–not speak so fast, and not speak so much.  Both were a really good discipline for loquacious me.  I actually found it pretty peaceful. There are a lot of things that don’t need words.

I was feeling pretty crummy all weekend,and came home to a 102 temp. I had to skip an Indigo Girls concert.I just couldn’t drive.  You KNOW that’s a major bummer for me.



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  1. Hope you are feeling better today!

  2. Hope you’re feeling better–and sorry about missing the concert.

  3. But what’s the pressure, you know? It it OK to just blog when the mood strikes? As a reader (an intermittent reader of several blogs, a daily ready of – sadly – none these days) I prefer that, actually.

    And is it possible that sentence could have been any uglier?

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