More with the Cleaning and Sorting

January 3, 2009 at 9:30 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Well, dustland has been brought under control (if not to its knees as I would like).  I have a car full of books to drop off (the book bank was closed), I brought in 8 bags to goodwill, and have 2 more going.

This weekend, I’m working on my entry way which has a lot of closets.  I had hoped to move a dresser into the coat closet to free up room for a bookcase (moving that from the dust trap), but it’s too big.  Rats. I’m trying to move these bookcases to spread them out in the apt. instead of loading them all in one room where they get out of control, but, though it’s a big apartment, it’s an apartment, and there are some limits of time and space.

LMK has found the furniture moving and sorting and purging process stressful. He is, you see, Lord of All He Surveys.

I am very easily distracted today (looking up essential things like how do they do elphaba’s makeup for the musical wicked online–because I really needed to know that. Now. ) I hope I can hold it together to get this hallway done.

I’m getting excited about having everything cleaned and sorted. Well, not everything, but everything on my list.  I feel organized when my place is organized.



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  1. I would come over if I could. I find it helps to have another person in the room, keeps you motivated.

  2. I did not do but half of the organizing I hoped to do on my staycation. Now its back to the salt mines for me. Oh well.

    I’m glad you were successful.

  3. I am so impressed by the work you’re doing! This is what I had planned to do with my winter break (which ends tonight), but I’m afraid I only tackled one little part of the basement. The rest of the house remains as chaotic as ever.

  4. you’re inspiring me to some cleanup and organization around here. the volume of my junk is rather massive, though, so this will be a longer-term project….

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